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Shane Doan't: Sykora Should Be Predators Target

Many teams around the league are vying for the services of Shane Doan. The Predators amongst others are rumored to be in the mix, but some teams have graciously bowed out of the Doan sweepstakes (Detroit and Vancouver) citing that Doan wants too much money or too long a contract. But while 27 other NHL […]

Recapping the 2012 Central Division Tweet Up…

Packing the car this past Friday morning, I wasn’t sure what to expect over the next 72 hours. Would my trusted car break down on the trip to Columbus? Would the Central Division Tweet-up (CDTU) crash and burn before ever lifting off the ground? Would Columbus be more that I initially heard about it? Most […]

Calling for Back-up: The Predators Defensive Concerns

Now that Weber has been locked up as a Predator for life, the bigger question was who would be paired with Weber. As the announcement and plaza party were underway, the Predators made it clear that Roman Josi would probably be elevated to the top defensive line with Weber. This leaves two more lines to […]

Recapping the Shea Weber public press conference…

If you didn’t get a chance to check out my Twitter feed from earlier, there were a ton of great quotes from owner Tom Cigarran, CEO Jeff Cogen, and General Manager David Poile. Below are all of my tweets in a chronological order. Bold/italicized comments are tweets I made of my own opinion:

Amidst #WeberWatch, Pekka Rinne Deserves Recognition

Suter is gone. Tootoo has joined the Dark Side. Weber has signed an offer sheet that the Predators may or may not match. With the tumultuous off-season Poile and Co. have faced, it is nice to know that all goaltending concerns have been addressed. Bringing Chris Mason back into the fold to back-up Pekka Rinne reunites […]

What to do about Weber?

Like many of you, I received something of a rude awakening, yesterday morning.  Good or bad, checking the previous night’s happenings in the Twitterverse has become a fixture of my morning routine.  Typically, there’s nothing of any real substance to pay attention to–after all, as many a mother is fond of saying, “nothing good happens […]

Development Camp Archives – Victor Bartley's Evolution

You can call Victor Bartley a lot of things, but a slouch definitely isn’t one of them. When Nashville brought him in last off-season, the move bolstered the depth chart in Milwaukee and added a former defensive standout in the WHL to one of the top coached and top working teams in the AHL. After […]

Electing for Arbitration: What is Sergei Kostitsyn Worth?

Another off-season and another Predator player is going into arbitration. For those of you not familiar with the arbitration process sometimes it can be good for a team in order to give them time to hash out a better contract with the player. Other times it is the go-to measure for a player who feels […]