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The Lockout Litmus Test: A Hard Core Fan Perspective

I have written multiple articles about the lockout from different points of view, primarily my own as a season ticket holder while attempting to maintain an unbiased approach to the issue while reporting for The Predatorial. I have spoken on behalf of a multitude of perspectives during this time of year without hockey and have dubbed […]

One Empty Barn, 17,113 Angry Fans

In this space, generally, many a Predator fan would be tuning in for our post-game report on the pre-season game last night between the Nashville Predators and division rival St. Louis Blues. It would be loaded with fun facts and tiny diversions that make pre-season games so much fun by trying to see who might […]

What happens when children begin to understand the lockout?

I’m a proud season ticket holder of the Nashville Predators, if you didn’t know that already. I go to 41 games a season plus pre-season games and playoff games as well. I take my wife, I take my 3 children (all depending on who one wants to go), I take my friends, and I take […]

A Great Night for a Great Cause: Petey's Preds Party

It was a great night to be a Nashville Predator fan. On a rainy Monday night, 1,100 faithful Predator fans and supporters from around the area got together at Bridgestone Arena for Petey’s Preds Party: a fun-filled gala dinner to support the Peterson Foundation for Parkinson’s and the Nashville Predators Foundation.

Weekend Roundup and my thoughts on the NHL Lockout

As the CBA drew near to its expiration late last week, a flurry of signings around the league came through the home office pipelines and antiquated fax machines as teams tried to re-sign players under the current rules of the now-expired CBA before it was to expire at 11:59pm ET this past Saturday night. Included […]

Boom or Bust? Nashville Predator Edition

With the possibility of the NHL and NHLPA coming together to start up hockey soon ( may be a long shot this early) the Predatorial wants to take a look at some Predators who might exceed expectations this season and who will go the way of Milwaukee or worse.

Who Gets Suter's Assistant Captaincy?

With the surprising selection of Gabriel Landeskog for the Colorado Avalanche captaincy, beating out such worthy opponents like Duchene and O’Reilly not to mention long time veterans Stastny and Hejduk, it got the screws a-turning at The Predatorial about who should or could get the “A” left by Ryan Suter. Having locked up the captain […]

The Other Deadline: NHL 13 for Our Hockey Fill on September 11th

With the CBA negotiations taking a sour turn at the end of this week, the fans of the NHL are going to be looking to another outlet for hockey entertainment: enter EA’s NHL 13 on the PS3 and XBOX 360 set for release on September 11th. And with four days to spare before the CBA […]