P.K. Subban is on Quite the Hot Streak

P.K. Subban’s career with the Predators has started out with a bang. After coming to Nashville via trade, the former Canadien has been lighting the lamp non-stop for the Preds. His penchant for putting goals in the net has caused Nashville’s odds to improve on a number of sports betting sites

Following up a strong debut

The fact that this was his debut match made it all the more special not only for him but also for his team. He was the one to score the first ever goal in the entire season for the Nashville Predators. His goal was shot exactly 7 minutes 46 seconds into the game during the very first period or the first half of the predator’s match against the Blackhawks and the day was a Friday.

Igniting the Crowd

The crowd who was present at the Bridgestone Arena on that particular day not only witnessed his legendary goal but also witnessed his celebratory dance afterwards which saw him mimicking a lasso in the air and making a certain bow and arrow goal gesture which has turned in to become his signature step.

This was the goal which he shot while he was wearing the uniform or the jersey for the Nashville Predators.

An excited and very happy Subban was later on quoted to be saying that he had nothing in his mind while scoring the goal, all he wanted was to get back to the game and give it his best possible shot.

This was his first ever real game after a whole period of six months before which he only was a part of a few off-season and pre-season games. This is exactly why he gave this game his everything and played the hardest and best that he can. His aim was to follow the instructions that were given to him by the staff of his coaches.

An Efficient Scorer

P.K Subban was one of the mean person playing for the Nashville Predators and hence in the season opening of their 3-2 in his game against the Black Hawks. However, apart from his legendary goal, people have grown accustomed to watching him perform for about six long seasons for the Montreal Canadiens.

There was no dazzle or any spin moves as such. There were no rushes which were end to end. He did nothing to dazzle you while he was neutralising the forecheck that was opposing.

His shot, his game in the match spoke of his efficiency, his dedication towards the game, the awareness which has had towards his surrounding for the purpose of being a defence player and the snarl and physicality that his game possessed. In fact, there have been several talks stating that his game was quite similar to the performance of their defenceman Shea Weber who was traded by the Nashville Predators for the purpose of acquiring Subban from the Canadians.