Predators’ Top Players Must Produce

An emotional and draining early morning Game 4 victory left little in the gas tank when the Nashville Predators flew back to California for a vital Game 5 Saturday night. The contest went even worse than expected. San Jose set the pace from the outset and never looked back as Nashville’s taxing travel schedule looked […]

Important Message

First of all, I just want to give a huge thank you to Kris Martel for giving me my start in writing two years ago. If he hadn’t responded to my inquiry as a freshman in college, there’s no telling where I would be or if I would have ever found the passion I have […]

Disappointing End to a Franchise Changing Season

When the sting of defeat begins to fade away and the Crying Jordan memes latch on to its next victim, the Nashville Predators and fans will realize the progress the franchise has made this season. The 5-0 drubbing in Game 7 wasn’t how it was supposed to end. This almost sports documentary worthy campaign deserved […]

Sharks Present Different, Perhaps Tougher Challenge For Nashville

The Nashville Predators conquered a monumental task by winning their first ever Game 7 against the favored Anaheim Ducks. However, excitement is short lived in the Stanley Cup Playoffs with the second round starting just 48 hours after the big win. The San Jose Sharks are now waiting after dispatching a cup favorite Kings team […]

Predators’ 2-0 Lead Shouldn’t Shock Everyone

The Nashville Predators are holding a 2-0 advantage in a playoff series for the first time in their franchise’s history. That’s quite an accomplishment, but it shouldn’t be looked upon as a miracle. Despite how much of the hockey community picked Anaheim to win, this isn’t a David versus Goliath matchup.   Yes, the Ducks […]

Nashville’s Blueprint to Playoff Success

It’s actually here. The Stanley Cup playoffs begin this week. With many tasks, a plan to complete that goal is begun by preparing and mapping out a blueprint or steps to follow for success. While winning playoff hockey games isn’t comparable to building a skyscraper, the premise remains the same.   Healthy Blueline   Nashville […]

Nashville Built a Contender in an Unconventional Way

How do you assemble a team into becoming Stanley Cup champions in the NHL today? The question every general manager strives to answer. There’s the being so bad and winning the lottery a couple of times method Chicago and Pittsburgh have used to their benefit. That’s the easiest way to add franchise players if the […]

The Possible Risk of Signing Vesey Going Unnoticed

It’s been on everyone’s mind since Jimmy Vesey decided to return for his senior season at Harvard. Will he sign with the Predators or opt for free agency? The #VeseyWatch debacle will finally come to a close as early as this weekend if his team is unable to defeat the favored Boston College. The Hobey […]

Regaining Home Ice Advantage

Nashville finds themselves in an interesting position with 12 games left to in the regular season. They’ve seemingly locked in their position as the first wild card by being seven points ahead of Colorado and trailing Chicago by five points for third in the Central. ( I know five points isn’t insurmountable, but it’s unlikely.) […]

Defensive Pair Shuffling Still a Concern

Before the blockbuster trade for Ryan Johansen Nashville rolled out the same defensive pairs every night. Weber-Josi, Ekholm-Ellis, and Jackman-Jones were locked in each  time the lineup was announced. Since Jones was traded, Weber and Josi have been the only mainstay (when healthy) as a pair.   There’s very little to complain about these days […]

Nashville Beginning to Hit Their Stride When It Matters

The Nashville Predators peaked too early in the 2014-2015 season. Sitting atop the NHL through the first half of the season brought excitement under first year coach Peter Laviolette, but that enthusiasm became short lived as the Predators stumbled into the playoffs and were painfully ousted in a thrilling first round matchup with the Chicago […]

The Best Deadline Move Is No Move

The NHL Trade Deadline is exactly two weeks away. Rumors of players switching jerseys have been rampant and unrealistic as usual. “We’re gonna get Stamkos for (insert fringe NHL players and a draft pick)!” screams the message boards. “The price for our rental player has to be the other team’s best prospect and a 1st!” […]

Line Continuity Will Bring Productivity

The Nashville Predators need to find consistency among their forward group. A key to accomplishing that task can be found by allowing guys to build chemistry for long periods of time instead of shuffling line combos at every turn.   Nashville’s forward lines have been thrown into a blender all season long. Any sign of […]

Nashville Takes Step Forward After All-Star Weekend

“Wait, we’re putting an NHL team there!?”- everyone circa 1998. That bizarre idea has transformed into a wildly successful reality displayed for the hockey world to witness this past weekend. Natives and past visitors knew Nashville could throw a party, but All-Star weekend created a platform for the NHL community to experience how hockey has […]

Ekholm Becoming Invaluable

Playing in his third year of full time duty as a Nashville Predator, much of Ekholm’s career has been described as “being part of a great defensive unit.” He is rapidly changing that narrative by becoming an integral piece of what makes Nashville’s blueline so successful on a nightly basis.   Yes, two goals in […]