Happy New Year?

With the NHL and NHLPA possibly coming to terms in the near future, it may very well be a Happy New Year for some. For others, their happiness and love for the game ended in the last few months with the back-and-forth between the two sides.  For me, I am very happy to be able […]

Rookie Development: Watson & Cehlin

Since we are still in limbo/mediation/decertification mode in the NHL and watching University of North Dakota hockey games on a week delay (and grumbling that none of them are prospects or draft picks of the Predators), it’s time to take a look at some of the Admirals rookies: Austin Watson and Patrick Cehlin.

Jeremy Smith: A Pitcher with No Run Support

 Jeremy Smith, goaltender for the Milwaukee Admirals, has been playing very good hockey this year. His record doesn’t reflect that as he is 3-6 on the year but his hard work and determination will make it a matter of time before he gets recognition as one of the best AHL goalies on the season…if only […]

Disputes Continue and a Milwaukee Admirals Update

Last week provided the Wabash Cannonball experience for Nashvillians, especially Predator fans. The NHL and Gary Bettman put forth a “good faith” effort to come to terms with the NHLPA by offering a proposal that would see the revenue sharing split 50-50. By using a sliding scale for the salaries already in place, the league […]

The Other Deadline: NHL 13 for Our Hockey Fill on September 11th

With the CBA negotiations taking a sour turn at the end of this week, the fans of the NHL are going to be looking to another outlet for hockey entertainment: enter EA’s NHL 13 on the PS3 and XBOX 360 set for release on September 11th. And with four days to spare before the CBA […]