Doc Rivers Speaks Out About Chris Paul

Chris Paul recently departed Los Angeles for Houston after making it clear that he wanted to leave the Clippers, and head coach Doc Rivers clearly isn’t worried about life in the NBA after CP3.

The Clippers did get a nice haul in the trade — with at least three guys who can start for the team this season — and things weren’t working with the previous roster, given their lack of success in the postseason. So it wasn’t like it was all a wash, even though losing CP3’s veteran leadership/ability to close out games is tough to replace.

Rivers was asked about the trade on Tuesday, and he actually said that the ball will move faster without CP3. Furthermore, he added that the team can now revert to the style of play he prefers, which they couldn’t do during the 2016-2017 NBA regular season. So while he wasn’t taking a shot at Paul directly, there was still some major shade thrown.

Rivers seems optimistic about the future, but the team’s record this upcoming season will speak volumes about it, so we’ll have to see how they fare without CP3 in the backcourt.

Some have wondered if Rivers will stick around without Paul. For now, it sounds like he’s walking a fine line between reflection and hoping toward the future.  Perhaps he will stick around if the Clippers can snag some great deals in free agency.

Alas, things like this can change in a hurry. But Rivers’ admission about the disappointment of never winning it all rings true. So now the questions remains as to whether or not the Clippers can actually put together a roster capable of competing in the loaded Western Conference.  The Golden State Warriors aren’t going anywhere any time soon and the Clippers without Chris Paul don’t appear poised to compete with such a dominant team.  What superstar can the Clippers bring in to pair with Griffin, and even if they do land another All-Star in free agency, what are the chances that this new tandem will have what it takes to compete in the Western Conference.  Yes, things certainly look bleak for the Clippers at the moment.

Doc Rivers has his work cut out for him if he wants to turn this franchise around.  Otherwise, he may be the next person who finds himself departing from the team.